Welcome Ryan!

The Utah SHPO team would like to introduce you to Ryan McGrath, our new Compliance Archaeologist. His responsibilities at SHPO will be reviewing pretty much every archaeological project undertaken by professionals and making sure that the results are in the interest of the people of Utah. No small job, but Ryan’s up for it! He joins the Compliance team with veteran historic preservationist Chris Hansen and lead by State Historic Preservation Officer Chris Merritt.

Ryan will also help round out the Public Archaeology team so you’re sure to see him from time to time. We’re pleased to let him introduce himself in his own words:

Hello, I’m Ryan, and I’m the state compliance archaeologist. In my role, I collaborate with private, state, and federal land agencies to ensure the protection and respectful treatment of archaeological sites and cultural artifacts.

Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, I earned my bachelor’s degree from the University of Memphis. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with various CRM firms and academic institutions, conducting fieldwork across ten diverse states.

I  moved to Utah with my wife, where I’m pursuing a Master’s Degree in Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management at Utah State University. Currently, my research focuses on utilizing the archaeofaunal record, derived from CRM and academic sources, to gain valuable insights into the foraging conditions during the Fremont agricultural period.

When I’m not immersed in archaeology, you can find me enjoying the company of my wife and our two dogs in Logan. We enjoy exploring the landscapes of the mountain west through hiking small towns via roadtrips, ¬†and immersing ourselves in the local food scenes. Additionally, during my downtime, I enjoy ¬†leatherworking and fly fishing.