SHPO Records is the central repository for historic buildings and archaeological records in Utah. Access to buildings is open to the public and can be accessed through the HUB link below. Archaeological sites and reports are available to permitted archaeologists or qualifying researchers.



The following records are protected if properly classified by a governmental entity: records that reveal the location of historic, prehistoric, paleontological, or biological resources that if known would jeopardize the security of those resources or of valuable historic, scientific, educational, or cultural information;

Government Records Access and Management Act (as amended through July 1, 2023)


The Hub is an interactive map of historic buildings in Utah. This is open to the public.

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An interactive map of archaeological sites, Sego requires preauthorization to access.

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UDAM is the repository of archaeological site information in Utah and requires preauthorization to access.

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Compliance and Records Resources

The Utah SHPO and our agency partners are making compliance easier by offering guidance, tools, and forms to help you at every stage of the process. Visit our combined Compliance and Records Resource page for a one-stop shop to get your project done right!

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