Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month

Join us for a month of celebration and discovery! May is Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month in Utah, and all month long there are events, stories, and experiences that you will love. From webinars to hikes, museums to main streets, you are sure to find new ways to connect with the past.


Sit back and let Utah's leading researchers take you on journey into the past.

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All across the state experts are waiting to show you this place in a whole new way.

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K-12 Resources

Want to bring the past into the classroom? Browse our collection of educator resources and get inspired.

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Explore webinar topics from years passed and join the over 10,000 people who have watched them!

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What Does "Archaeology and Historic Preservation" Mean?

What is Archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of past humans through the analysis of their physical traces. People have lived in Utah for over 13,000 years with no interruption, and we have over 100,000 known archaeological sites. More are discovered everyday, and we are always learning about the past.

What is Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation is the practice of conserving historical buildings, objects, and landscapes. We do this to maintain the unique and historic fabric of our cities and towns, and to honor the historically significant people, places, and events that can be found in every community.

About Our Poster

Every year our official Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month poster puts the spotlight on an important subject, place, or people from Utah's past. Our 2023 poster uses photographs of objects and places from around the Great Salt Lake to express the look and feel of what ancient life was like. Learn more about how people have adapted to life around the Great Salt Lake through the stories of these photographs.

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