2024’s Brown Bag Lecture Series

Join us each Wednesday at noon (Mountain Time) in May for an enlightening journey into Utah’s rich history! Each year, the Utah SHPO proudly presents a weekly Brown Bag lecture series, showcasing the latest research in Utah archaeology and historic preservation. Our engaging program invites researchers to share their work with the public in an accessible and interactive format. Dive into fascinating topics, from ancient civilizations to modern preservation efforts, all from the comfort of your own home. With a one-hour runtime, including a captivating presentation and an interactive Q&A session, our webinars offer a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and engage with experts in the field. Don’t miss out – sign up today and join us for a virtual exploration of Utah’s cultural heritage!

Telling the Story of Iosepa: Archaeology, Oral History, and Public Education

With Ally Gerlach on May 1, 2024

Archaeology isn’t just about digging up artifacts – it’s a dynamic journey through time, piecing together the puzzle of human history. In this webinar, newly minted archaeologist Ally Gerlach delves into how archaeologists interpret material objects left behind by past civilizations, offering a glimpse into their lived experiences.

But she doesn’t stop there! Ally digs into how archaeologists combine artifacts with other sources of information, such as written records and oral histories, to paint a vivid picture of the past. Plus, Ally will highlight the crucial role of making this knowledge accessible and engaging for the public.

Using artifacts from the Iosepa settlement in Utah, Ally showcases a real-life example of collaboration between archaeologists and descendant communities. Through the creation of a mobile exhibit, she will demonstrate how working together can increase public knowledge and accessibility to archaeology, while also incorporating a diverse range of narratives and perspectives.

Early 20th Century Urban Apartments – Then and Now

With Amber Anderson and Roger Roper on May 8, 2024

Salt Lake City experienced a remarkable population surge during the early 20th century, leading to a construction boom of urban apartments designed to accommodate the growing populace. Among the innovative features of these buildings were the “disappearing” Murphy Beds, ingeniously designed to maximize living space in compact dwellings.

In this engaging webinar, preservationists Amber Anderson and Roger Roper examine the architecture and social history behind Salt Lake City’s urban apartments, exploring how they were born out of necessity in a rapidly expanding city. Learn how these historic buildings continue to shape the city’s landscape today, with approximately 200 of them still standing as enduring symbols of a bygone era.

But that’s not all! This presentation will also dive into intriguing project case studies, shedding light on the historic preservation efforts and financial motivations driving the rehabilitation of these urban apartments in recent years. Discover the unique challenges and rewards of restoring these architectural gems to their former glory.

Archaeology Behind the Lens

With Matt Stirn on May 15, 2024

Ever wondered what it’s like capturing the mystique of pyramids in Sudan for Smithsonian Magazine? Or immersing yourself in the excavation of a Trojan War palace in Greece for The New York Times?

In this exclusive lecture, archaeologist and photojournalist Matt Stirn will share his remarkable journey, from researching prehistoric villages in the Rocky Mountains to traversing the globe to cover archaeology stories for prestigious magazines and newspapers.

Join us as Matt Stirn offers a firsthand glimpse into the thrilling world of archaeological photography and storytelling. Gain insights into his experiences, challenges, and triumphs as he navigates diverse cultures and landscapes in pursuit of captivating narratives.

Local History of Northwestern Band of Shoshone Living

With Bradley Parry on May 22, 2024

For countless generations, the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation has called the lands of northern Utah, eastern Idaho, and western Wyoming their home. Brad Parry, Vice-Chairman of the Northwestern Band, brings a wealth of knowledge about these ancestral territories and their rich histories.

In this informative presentation, Brad Parry will shed light on the history of Shoshone migration patterns and their interactions with fur trappers and Mormon pioneers. Drawing upon his background in natural resources, he will explore how the Indigenous peoples of this region utilized plants and animals to thrive in the challenging yet beautiful environment they call home.

Gain valuable insights into the cultural heritage and survival strategies of the Shoshone people as Brad Parry shares stories passed down through generations. This webinar offers a unique opportunity to learn about the enduring connection between the Northwestern Band and the lands they inhabit.

With Great Power Comes Great Hydroelectricity

With Jansen Bennett on May 29, 2024

Take a virtual journey through history as architect Jansen Bennett guides you on an exclusive tour of one of the oldest hydroelectric power plants in western North America. Together, we’ll examine the fascinating Olmstead Hydroelectric Plant, nestled at the mouth of Provo Canyon, through an immersive video tour.

Discover the remarkable history and technological evolution of the Olmstead Plant, which continues to power the water supply for over 1 million Utahns to this day. From its earliest days, when electricity was a novel concept, to its current role as a vital community resource, the Olmstead Plant has stood as a testament to innovation and progress.

This webinar will provide you with insights into the plant’s design, construction, and ongoing technological upgrades. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the architectural history of the plant, making this a truly interactive experience.

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