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Utah Public Archaeology Network facilitates archaeological stewardship and education for the benefit of Utahns, indigenous communities, tourists, and the archaeological record by connecting people and fostering a network of supportive partners.

Utah Public Archaeology Network
This is your chance to join a network of professional archaeologists, organizations, and people just like you who love archaeology! The Utah Public Archaeology Network (UPAN) meets two times a year to discuss challenging matters in the world of archaeology, and to network and support one another. Visit our Partners page to learn more about the organizations that comprise UPAN.

Utah Cultural Site Stewardship Program
The Utah Cultural Site Stewardship Program is a pioneering effort in the world of archaeological site stewardship! Utah’s State Legislature created the program in 2020 in recognition of the irreplaceable archaeological sites and resources here in the state. The Utah SHPO operates the Site Stewardship program on public lands owned by the BLM, Forest Service, State Parks, and many others in order to help landowners keep an eye on threatened resources. Archaeological sites may be threatened through human or natural causes, but our Site Stewards are there to report on changes early to prevent painful losses to our history. Learn more and sign up to become a Cultural Site Steward!

The Utah Public Archaeology Program increases awareness and appreciation for Utah’s archaeological sites and artifacts. This state has been home to people for 13,000 years, resulting in over 100,000 known archaeological sites! Many of these are great places to visit, and all of them have a story to tell. Archaeological sites are important, sometimes even sacred, and should be visited with respect.

We want to help you learn about the past, and we want to show you how archaeologists use these physical places and artifacts to create interpretations about how people lived in the past. You can visit our Resources page and our Blog to browse through our materials, and you can watch our videos on YouTube. If you ever want to know something that we haven’t covered, just ask! Elizabeth Hora, our Public Archaeologist, is here to help.

Whether people mean to or not, sometimes our presence can damage or even destroy archaeology. The Public Archaeology program aims to eliminate this damage through our Stop Archaeological Vandalism Everywhere (SAVE) initiative. Learn more about SAVE and join the cause!

If you want a hands-on experience in Utah archaeology, sign up to become a Cultural Site Steward! Utah Cultural Site Stewards are passionate about saving the past and learning from Utah’s incredible archaeological sites. Stewards are the first line of defense for protecting the past! Ian Wright is our Cultural Site Stewardship Coordinator, and he can answer any questions and help you decide if Site Stewardship is right for you!

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