2024 Summer Field School Announced!

The Utah SHPO’s Summer Field School is back for a second year! We are helping to train tomorrow’s archaeologists by offering a highly competitive six week program for students in Utah’s higher education.

Basic Information
  • Dates: May 23 – July 3, 2023
  • Number of spaces: 2
  • Paid or unpaid: Paid
  • Eligible for credit through Utah’s colleges and universities as an internship or independent study

Field Work

We will be camping for two five-day sessions within Dinosaur National Monument and recording archaeological sites nearby. Students will gain a familiarity with Utah Archaeological Site Forms (UASF) and learn the fieldwork flow that they will need for careers involving fieldwork.

Office Tasks

Back in our offices (located on Highland Drive in Millcreek) students will finalize the site forms they created in the field. Students will write National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) eligibility statements, format photographs, and use GIS to create site maps.

Lab Work

In our archaeology lab students will clean, identify, and catalog historic period artifacts archaeological sites in Utah. This historic period collection will help students gain a familiarity with Utah’s historic artifacts.

Students who complete internships and fieldschools with the Utah SHPO have gone on to succeed in graduate school and in their archaeology careers. We anticipate that this fieldschool will be highly competitive and we only have two spaces available so be sure to apply by March 18th!